Champagne Jacquesson

Le programme 2018


Cuvée n° 741

Our 2013 harvest from Ay, Dizy, Hautvillers, Avize and Oiry. The winter was very cold and snowy, with spring and early summer staying cold and very damp, causing coulure and millerandage as well as delaying the flowering. However, August and September were warmer and drier giving us a late, but excellent, harvest. The Pinot Noir from Ay and Dizy and the Chardonnays from Avize were particularly successful. Th e harvest was complemented by the addition of some reserve wines.

212,788 bottles, 8,806 magnums and 302 jeroboams were produced.


Cuvée n° 737 Dégorgement Tardif

After 90 months on the lees, under cork, 14,640 bottles and 660 magnums were late disgorged in November 2017.

2009. Winter was cold and dry, spring mild but with a lot of rain, bringing with it a serious threat of mildew. Thankfully, summer was dry and warm while the weather at the end of the growing season was magnificent. The grapes were in superb condition at harvest with a maturity similar to that of 2002. Our hopes for a great vintage were fully realised.

DIZY  - Terres Rouge

DIZY - Terres Rouge Récolte 2011 - Rosé

At the foot of a gently sloping hill, facing east. Reddish brown limestone of some considerable depth overlying chalky silt.

2011. Winter was glacially cold and very wet, spring was very warm and dry, albeit with some frosts. Th e beginning of summer was gloomy and sullen; however, the end of the growing season was a lot more pleasant. All of the crop for this wine was de-stemmed and crushed, with half the grapes receiving a short maceration whilst the rest underwent a simple running off of free-run juice. The grapes were picked on 3 September 2011. 11,3 deg all, 6.2 gr/l acidity.

6,140 bottles and 250 magnums were produced.

Millésime 2002

Millésime 2002 Dégorgement Tardif

A very dry and hot year, with no frosts in the spring, although there was some rain at the beginning of September. Due to the very low water reserves in the soil, we experienced a reduction in the weight of our grapes, a rare phenomenon in Champagne. A superb year, the balance is very close to that achieved in 1976. 43% Chardonnay, 57% Pinot Noir from terroirs in La Grande Vallée de la Marne and the Côte des Blanc.

5,050 bottles and 190 magnums were late disgorged in December 2017.